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What Medical Professional Say About Targeted Transfer Factor

Doctor David Markowitz M.D.

1998 was a year that changed my life. It is the year that I joined 4Life Research as a Health Science Advisory Board founding member and an active Distributor… and most importantly, a user of 4Life Research transfer factor products. In these past 11 years, I have been able to share my new level of health and wellness with thousands of patients and people around the World. What did those patient families experience? Much greater levels of health and wellness, all apparently due to improved and supported levels of immune health.

Blessings and wishes for a healthy life, David M Markowitz MD.

RobRobertson1Doctor Rob Robertson M.D.

Whether you are a business builder or a distributor who simply wants to share products with customers, you can easily count on being asked, “So what makes 4Life Transfer Factor different?” Fortunately, because of the clear and distinctive benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor and Tri-Factor Formula products, your answer can be simple.

Unparalleled Support
First, transfer factor is not a vitamin, mineral, or even an herb. It’s a highly intelligent messenger molecule. It performs by transferring information from a donor to a recipient, as in the case of a breastfeeding mother and her infant-in other words, borrowed immunity.

4Life Transfer Factor products function in a totally new and meaningful way. They don’t just supplement the body with nutrients; they bring to it knowledge that helps educate your body’s immune system-enhancing its natural ability to know what to do when one is challenged with health threats, as well as providing “how to” and “when to” response support.

Exclusive Patents
Next, 4Life Transfer Factor products are exclusive. 4Life’s pioneering research has progressively advanced the science behind transfer factors and subsequently become the category creator of Transferceutical™ Science. 4Life Transfer Factor products are backed by multiple United States patents that protect our sourcing and manufacturing processes and give distributors the exclusive opportunity to build their businesses with the most advanced transfer factor products available today.

Scientifically Tested and Proven
4Life Transfer Factor products are also proven, boosting Natural Killer (NK) cell function up to 437 percent-higher than any other immune-system supplements tested*. Independent studies demonstrated the effectiveness of 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor Formula with increases in NK cell function of 283 percent and 437 percent above the normal immune system response. Test results obtained from independent NK cell studies conducted by Dr. Anatoli Vorobiev, head of Immunology, at the Russian Academy of Medical Science. The blind studies tested 4Life Transfer Factor E-XF (the primary ingredient in Tri-Factor Formula) and other immune system products.

Effective for Everyone, Everywhere
Finally, 4Life Transfer Factor products are for everyone. No matter what your age, or where you’re from, 4Life has a safe and effective transfer factor product for you. Transfer Factor products are available in a variety of delivery forms; as capsules, as a chewable, and as a liquid, and spray. 4Life Transfer Factor products provide absolutely essential immune system support and should be consumed daily in order to maintain optimal health.

I am a great believer in, and proud to be part of 4Life Research and the products that this great company has formulated and made available to people literally all over the world.

CnvtnDavid Vollmer PH.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

With a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Nebraska and more than 20 years of experience in Research and Development and Quality Control Labs, Dr. Vollmer understands how to develop quality products from start to finish. His expertise includes technical and administrative leadership, validation studies for new products, good manufacturing practices, production records, product specifications, and stability testing. Since joining 4Life, he has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the high quality of 4Life Transfer Factor® products—one of the many things that makes him proud to work here. Dr. Vollmer is committed to ensuring that 4Life utilizes the highest quality ingredients in order to continue making the best products. He believes the company’s greatest asset is the many talented and caring employees. Dr. Vollmer enjoys attending events where he can meet distributors and hear their inspirational stories. He uses many 4Life products, but his current favorite is PRO-TF®. With the product, he has achieved his goal weight and now wears the same size he wore more than 15 years ago. His wife definitely approves!


CnvtnCalvin McCauslin Ph. D
4Life: Where Science and Opportunity Meet

Transfer factors are in a class of their own…

The dietary supplement industry is a bustling enterprise with revenues of tens of billions of dollars annually. It represents a progression of traditional or folk medicine, which was based largely upon natural plant medicines. With technology, dietary supplements have advanced, benefiting from natural product chemistry that concentrates and standardizes micronutrients and other biologically active substances from natural sources. Concentrating transfer factors from colostrum by ultra-filtration and NanoFactor® extract by nano-filtration are excellent examples of this.

The objective of dietary supplement research is to support the body with molecules (biologically active molecules) and minerals that the body needs to function properly, or better and more efficiently. However, it has only been within the past decade that the importance of vitamin and mineral supplementation has been generally recognized. Most people are complacent about their immune systems, assuming that it is only as good as the genetics they inherited; when in fact, the immune system can be supplemented and strengthened in its ability to protect and maintain a healthy body. As 4Life distributors, you serve by helping people around the world better understand how the immune system can be fortified through supplementation and even educated with the support of transfer factors.

Transfer factors are in a class of their own, apart from herbs, vitamins, or minerals. During my years in the health sciences industry, I firmly believe that these smart messenger molecules are the bases of the most beneficial supplements I have ever encountered. I believe 4Life Transfer Factor® products have the greatest potential for becoming essential everyday supplements for everyone around the globe.

With 4Life there is an opportunity to support your health, an opportunity to succeed in business, and an opportunity to enjoy a better life. 4Life has done this by taking a strategic integrated approach to Science, Success, and Service, and by harmonizing the many talents of all the people involved. It is like a beehive… greater achievement is attained with each individual working at his/her specialty using their specific talents. Even though we extend around the globe, we enjoy being bound together as friends, business partners, and as a 4Life family. We also share the common goal of taking our Transferceutical™ products to the world, helping to make it a healthier, happier, and more vital place.

Dr. Calvin McCausland, PhD

RichardBennett1The Science Behind NanoFactor™

Richard Bennett, Ph.D. Health Sciences Advisory Board Member

Immune system science recently took a quantum leap forward with some exciting new research. Scientists have known for some time that colostrum contained molecules less than half the size of transfer factors. 4Life® scientists recently discovered the immune power behind these smaller molecules, named nanofractions. Nanofractions, and 4Life’s proprietary concentration called NanoFactor, have specific balancing benefits for the immune system.

What do we mean by balance?

Modulating the body’s ability to both calm and activate immune system activity, depending on what the body needs.

In laboratory experiments, NanoFactor has been found to “tame” cellular immune metabolic activity after stimulation from a non-specific and non-harmful source. In effect, NanoFactor says, “Calm down, this is not a threat. Do not overreact.” In addition, NanoFactor has powerful supporting ability. All of us, at one time or another, have sluggish immune system responses. NanoFactor can also say to the immune system, “Come on, you can do better than that,” and support the immune response. The key to NanoFactor’s power is its ability to judge the situation at hand with natural intuition.

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