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Can persons who have milk allergies use Transfer Factor XF?

pillproductYes. Transfer factors themselves are non-allergenic. Common allergens such as immunoglobulins and casein are removed from Transfer Factor products.

Can persons who are lactose intolerant use Transfer Factor XF?

Yes! Lactose intolerant persons can consume up to three grams of lactose without difficulty due to colonic bacterial digestion. The amount of residual lactose is well below these sensitivity limits.

Are there any differences between dried colostrum and 4Life’s Transfer Factor XF?

Unlike colostrum, Transfer Factor XF contains a concentrated amount of transfer factors, the active ingredient found in colostrum. Through a special patented process licensed to 4Life, transfer factors are separated from other components found in this “first milk.” Transfer factors readily survive digestion and are easily absorbed, unlike the antibodies and proteins found in colostrum. In addition, Transfer Factor XF has undergone a special stabilization process to protect the effectiveness of the transfer factors.

Are there studies to back up the power of transfer factors?

There have been over 3000 medical studies completed and 40 million dollars spent in researching the benefits of transfer factors. Transfer factors were tested for their ability to increase Natural Killer Cell (NK) activity by the Institute of Longevity Medicine in California. Natural Killer Cells seek and destroy harmful cells through direct contact. Natural Killer Cells are especially important in strengthening and supporting the immune system. Test results showed that transfer factors boosted NK cell activity 103% above normal immune response without supplementation, more than two times higher than the next highest product. The study also showed that Transfer Factor Plus increased the NK cell activity over 430% above normal immune response without supplementation, or about five times higher than any of the other previously tested products.

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