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What is Network Marketing?

Have you ever seen a movie that you liked so much, that you had to tell others about it? Or eaten at a restaurant you enjoyed so tremendously that you had to share the experience with other people? You were networking!

Let me ask you this…did the movie industry or the restaurant that you recommended ever send you a check for helping to increase their business and profits? Nope! What is the difference between networking and network marketing? Not much, except that you get paid for doing exactly what you did for that movie and for that restaurant. And…just imagine that every time those customers went back to that movie or that restaurant you got paid again – every week, every month. Even when you were no longer spreading the word you were still earning residual income for a lifetime based on your original referrals. Taking it one step further, imagine that those to whom you recommended that movie or that restaurant also referred them to other people and you received money based on those referrals as well – and so on and so on; getting paid for every person who went to that movie or that restaurant based on referrals, no matter how many people were referred along the way. Would you like that?

It’s like a musician who records a new CD. How many times did he do it? Once, right? Yet, for the rest of his life he earns royalties and commissions from that work he did only once!

This is the same concept as network marketing. Do the work once and get paid on it for a lifetime! It may seem like a dream but it’s a wonderful reality people are living every day. In fact, network marketing has been in existence for more than 50 years! People who started with Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay and many other companies have earned – and are still earning – residual income fortunes…so why not you?

In this business, we get paid for what we start, not what we do! You can work hard and compress 40 working years into fours years, and build with people who will grow into a worldwide consumer-based organization, while you use the next 36 years to live your life the way you have always dreamed.

Some refer to network marketing as MLM or affiliate marketing; it all means the same. MLM is a situation in which you earn commissions from other sales in your organization that can be happening several levels down. When you sponsor someone in the business that is your First Level. When they sponsor someone that is your Second Level. So if you sponsor or enroll six people and they do the same, you have 36 people on your Second Level; and if they sponsor six, you have 216 on your Third Level.

Network marketing is a business where people work together for mutual success.

Some call it a pyramid scheme or an illegal way to make money. The fact is, it is a pyramid business! Just as any government, corporation or company that employs people is a pyramid business. What I mean is that all those institutions have hierarchy structures of design within their companies to empower the company to grow. If they didn’t, they would most likely fail. In fact, if you look at the back of a U.S. one dollar bill…what do you see? A pyramid!

However, there is a difference between the MLM pyramid and the traditional pyramids utilized by government and other organizations.

The MLM or network marketing pyramid gives products and services in exchange for money. However, instead of making those products or services available through traditional store front operations, it makes it available through direct sales, word-of-mouth or the Internet. In this way, the expense of traditional overhead and middlemen costs are eliminated – putting profits back in your bank account. When a MLM or network marketing pyramid does not offer a product or service for that money, then it is considered an illegal moneymaking scheme.

The MLM pyramid is much more empowering than traditional pyramids because the dynamics are different. Look at traditional pyramids: you have a CEO (top of the pyramid), a president, and typically a group of vice presidents that each preside over a different division or territory. Beneath the vice president level, there is typically another branch of management and so on until you reach the bottom of the pyramid that is typically comprised of the people who make the product.

Let me ask you this…what are the chances of someone in the factory (bottom of the pyramid) ever moving up to a vice president or president position? Probably not going to happen, right? Even if they went to night school and got an education or a degree, the chances are typically slim to none! Why? Because it is a common reality that in the traditional pyramid no one wants to help another to his or her level of position. In fact, they never want you to be as good as they are. Why? Because that would be a threat to their job! So they would rather “disempower” you, and if that does not work, they would rather see you fired.

The MLM pyramid is the opposite of this traditional scenario. It is an upside down pyramid. Unlike the traditional pyramid with limited room at the top, the MLM pyramid has nothing but room at the top! People who worked hard to get to the top themselves would be happy to help you get there too, even if you are better at the business than they. Why? Because, by helping you to the top they will make a lot of money…every month! And, the more they keep helping others get to the top the richer they will get! This pyramid empowers! Traditional pyramids disempower!

The only people not involved in network marketing are the people who do not understand it. Latest statistics show that direct sales does over 104 billion dollars a year, and 95% of that is from the MLM-network marketing sector. There are twenty-one million people that join MLM/network marketing from 125 different countries worldwide and 69,000 join every week! It is a business unlike any in that when you choose the right company and dedicate yourself to the work, you will not just have access to great financial reward, but freedom to pursue family life or other ventures never before possible because of a disempowering pyramid – the realities we see in the job market that drain you of time and quality of life.

We are all “sold.” If you work for someone, they bought you at wholesale and sold you for retail. They made a profit on you, but you did not. When you choose to work for yourself and begin a career to empower yourself and own your life, you are the CEO of your business! You are beginning a path that will lead to wealth and spiritual riches that have no boundaries! You sold yourself to the future you deserve! Congratulations! See you at the top, Jeff Altgilbers

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