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Financial Independence

In an uncertain economy, financial independence has become all but an elusive dream; an ideal that, for most of us, is unattainable. We have become so accustomed to relying on others for our sources of ongoing income, that it seems inconceivable that we could reach a point where we would not be dependent upon the traditional 9-5 job and, instead, could rely on our own ability to earn money through a home based business. Network marketing allows you to shed the confines and financial parameters of a traditional work environment and have the opportunity to reach your full potential; personal accomplishment and financial achievement without limits. Why should it be up to someone else to determine our worth? To say how much we should earn on a monthly or yearly basis? To tell us when we can and cannot spend time with our family? People the world over have wondered how they too can be successful from their own home based business and we have the answer – an exciting business opportunity that you have to experience to truly believe.

Multi-level marketing – MLM – when all is said and done, can ultimately only be as effective and successful as the product around which it is focused and the company and leaders that support that product.

The company – Launched in 1998 by founder and CEO, David Lisonbee, 4Life is a robust, viable company with a focus on the science, research and creation of exceptional dietary supplements and personal care products. 4Life, in addition to the commitment it has made to creating high-quality products, stands behind its brands with unlimited support provided to its network marketing leaders. 4Life is dedicated to maintaining a solid foundation that supports mentoring and the fostering of personal wealth and personal freedom among its leadership, so that they can enjoy the benefits of unlimited potential. Additionally, 4Life management believes strongly in the power of philanthropy and encourages and supports the helping of those in need around the world. This is more than just another MLM business opportunity; network marketing will forever be transformed by the existence of 4Life.

The product – 4Life Transfer Factor®, the company’s revolutionary flagship product line of dietary supplements and personal care products that helps to boost immunity, support breast and gynecologic health, promote healthy prostate, reproductive and urinary function, maintain healthy glucose levels, promote heart, tissue and joint health and, overall, help to maintain – and sustain – ongoing health and strength.

The leaders – Those who choose network marketing have already embraced the benefits of a work from home situation with no overhead – the idea of earning money, a balanced work/family life and personal freedom directly relative to the effort they put into the process. Those who choose 4Life recognize the quality of the product, the experiences that such an opportunity presents – including worldwide travel – a compensation plan that is unrivaled in the industry and the support they will receive from company management that is thoroughly invested in building strong leadership.

When you work hard with 4Life the rewards are long reaching – today’s work can provide you financial and personal freedom well into the foreseeable future.

International Mentors Team (IMT) was created to bring new leaders quickly up to speed by giving them the tools and training they need for success. Strong membership is crucial in MLM and my International Mentors Team provides the mentorship and support that you need to move ahead quickly.

If you’re looking for the next step in your life, you’ve found it. Let us mentor you so that you can achieve financial independence – with support and direction – through your own home based business. Network marketing through 4Life has allowed people to realize their dreams. We have helped thousands earn five figure monthly incomes and some are multi-millionaires today! Let us help you take the next step towards a future of unlimited potential, success and happiness!

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