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PP.9 – Legacy… A Black Taj

Hello Everyone,

wTajMahal2Despite a very busy schedule we took a day off from New Deli and drove to the Taj Mahal! It had always been something I have wanted to see from youth. But I learned a lot about what it means for our business, and I shared this story to 2600 people in attendance at our 4Life Malaysia 3 year celebration. My challenge to the crowd was Legacy.. will you finish what you started with 4Life?

The Emperor Shah began building the Taj Mahal in 1531, as a memorial to his wife Mahal after she died. She is buried there inside the Taj. But did you know it was his plans to build 2 Taj’s? On the other side of the river behind the White Marble Taj Mahal was where he was going to build the Black Taj Mahal where he would be buried after his death. But only a foundation was laid, and a tower.. because his son decided his father should not spend the money since the First Taj cost 121 Million dollars to build. So he put him under house arrest until he died 7 years later. From his house he could walk out on his balcony and see the Taj Mahal across the river.

The question I asked yesterdays 2600 attendee’s was “will you finish what you start?” I had a chance to go to the other side of the river and stand at the foundation of where the Black Taj was to be built. I did a video we will put up on this website about the challenges we face in this business and the opportunity to create Legacy. On one side of the river is just a foundation. On the other side is a completed Persian work of art.

What will our Legacy be? will we finish what we started in 4Life? Have you ever wondered why the Taj Mahal was a 7th Wonder of The World? I did.. but this is what I realized: Its not because its old.. their are older historic buildings. Its not because its made of Marble.. it is I think a combination of things that have meaning, and help you and I create Legacy in our own life.

wPunjab(1) It was created because of Tragedy! Emperor Shah lost the woman he loved in death as she was giving birth to their child. Had the Emperor died before his wife their wouldn’t Be a Taj Mahal. But Tragedy moved him to create something so special in memory of her.

What about you? I find that most people join a Network Marketing business because they are Dissatisfied with their lives. They are Not making the money they want to make. The are Not living the Dream they had hoped to achieve. They are Not living the lifestyle they want for their family. I am not talking about product users.. but people who join for the business. Pain and disappointment are powerful forces we can use to our advantage! I know when I was much younger I joined the MLM Industry because I wasn’t happy about my life.. I was angry about my circumstances. I wanted change! We need to get to know the people we bring into 4Life and find that negative feeling that has such a powerful positive force in creating their Legacy. It works!

(2) Fire Resistant Materials: What if the Taj was built with wood instead of marble? your right.. it would have been burned or destroyed long ago. The Emperor Shah imported precious stones from around the world by ship and brought those stones on the backs of 1000 elephants.

What kind of people will you build with in 4Life? are they wood or marble? The wood would be people who have no ambitions or drive. They could be people who have no character or ethic’s. They might want to cross sponsor people already in 4Life. They might do things that negatively effects the group of leaders under them.

But if you build with marble.. that is people who want a better life. They are willing to work hard for it, and will be examples of character that will shine like the sun did when we saw the rays of the sun at 6:00AM move across the Taj with our 4Life leaders that morning! If you build with people like that your business will stand the test of time!

(3) Builder or worker: I thought of this too. Who is remembered for the Taj Mahal? the Workers or the Builder? It was the man who had it built.. Emperor Shah. The men that worked in the construction are not remembered (the designer was) Only the man that had the dream of building it, and Did So!

In life we are either building someone’s else’s Dream.. or were building our own. Either were running our own life, or someone is running it for you! Which will you be? Our choice determines whether we will leave a lasting Legacy in the people we love, and love us.

(4) Love: Love was a strong motivation for Shah building the Taj. What about us? Its important that our Leaders Feel love from us and appreciation. We need to spend time with them like Sheri Din did tonight hosting a barbeque at the beach tonight in Singapore! The leaders cooked and sang songs.. we gave short motivational speeches about where we want to be next year. Sheri has done a great job in creating the Bond of love and friendship between her leaders. Teri Shuler is another example of that with her Team in India. The Leaders there say many great things about Teri. It is so vital we all do this if we want to build a business that will last!

I hope all of you chose the right path, and your efforts become a White Taj Mahal of Legacy by applying these Platinum Principles. We will lay a foundation unlike the Black Taj that was never completed. Your Legacy and what you do will shine like it did that morning we visited one of the 7 Wonders or the World, The Taj Mahal

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