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PP.8 – Performance

Hello Everyone,

PP.8 - PERFORMANCELike many of you I am looking forward to going to the Convention! I leave tonight (Taiwan) for Tennessee. I go to my mother country at least once a year now. So this is always a treat for me. My subject or Platinum Principle is about Performance. We here the word we generally think of a opera singer.. or a rock star.. or Tiger Woods winning another game. Rarely would a commoner consider a Professional Networker as a Performer. But he or she is one as much as the others I mentioned! What separates the average from the Pro’s? it is Performance! Performing at their best! But how do you do it? How do you take an average person and get them to perform at their potential? Or.. how do we take ourselves and change the losing streak we have experienced in Network Marketing? or in 4Life? Books are written about this subject, and I wont write one on this page, but let me share my experience of what has helped me achieve success I never had before when I started in Network Marketing. Here are some truths I have learned:

A: Focus: You cant ride two horses and win a Durby race. You can entertain people in a circus.. but never win a race on two horses. In Network Marketing you have a make a career choice. You have to decide which company you are going to work and focus on it. In the past some people would say: “hey.. two checks are better than one” .. or three.. or four”. Yes the economics sounds intelligent.. but it doesn’t work in MLM. When look at people who say this the income in those companies is meager or unimpressive to say the least.

Why is it? Because people have complicated lives. We tell them “get in MLM and you can Uncomplicate your life.” Which is true. But if we show them multiple MLM programs, and multiple products, and multiple pay plans they know they don’t have the time, and they wonder about why is it we Cannot Master One and do it well. Credibility is lost because it shows we don’t have good judgment, and we cannot make up our mind what company is the best. It is the this reason I resigned from my previous MLM when I joined 4Life. I wanted no doubts in my leaders minds where my focus is.

In fact Nature teaches us the Power of Focus. Many of us when we were children have taken a magnifing glass and concentrated it on a piece of paper with the help of the Sun. What happened? it Burned the paper! But if we moved the glass around not keeping it in one spot, what would happen? Nothing! Because it is Not focused. If you want your business to Burn.. you have to Focus on one thing and do it well.

Rocky: Do you remember the movie Rocky? Remember how the old man training him on grease lightening speed to move fast as he fights? he did it with a Chicken! He took Rocky back in a alley and took a chicken out of a cage, and held it up and said “catch this chicken and you will have grease lightning speed”. He threw it in the alley and Rocky ran after the chicken doing his best to catch it.. he finally stopped running because he was out of breathe. He realized how tough it was to catch one chicken!

Later in the movie before he was to fight the Heavy Weight Boxer of the World.. the movie showed that Rocky was ready.. he achieved Peak Performance through his training. In fact it showed him finally catching that chicken.. when he had it in his hands.. he jumped up and down in joy holding that chicken in his hands! He was now ready to win that fight!

But let me ask you this? If the manager ask Rocky to catch two chickens would that be possible? No.. it would not. It was all he could to develop the skills to catch One. In our business we have to get good at catching and holding on to One Opportunity in MLM that will take us to the top. We have to keep in mind that though some MLM products don’t compete, like Telecommunications and Travel verses Nutrition Products. What Is competing is our main Product: People! We are in the People Business. Not the Nutrition Business. So we need out People Focused on one thing that they can Master, and achieve Peak Performance. But here is one more Principle that is also Just as important:

Balance: Do you remember in that same movie Rocky, how the old man taught him Balance? he tied a string around both of his ankles telling him if it broke while he moved he Lost Balance. It wasn’t easy for Rocky. At times it seemed impossible.. but he finally could do it! What is Balance for Performers? Why do we need it? How do we achieve it?

We need Balance because without it, we become very extreme in our thinking. Without it we drive away our friends, our Leaders, our spouse! It is finding our Center as the Chinese say.. and keeping it. In my case I have realized it has Three areas. If I feed those areas and nourish them I can achieve Balance with will make me become a Peak Performer. Here they are:

wP2(1) Emotional Needs: We all have them. The need for Love.. for Expression.. to Create. It is a God given attribute within us all. Though we are all busy with our careers in MLM. We have to take time out and fill this need. I spoke with one leader who is going through divorce the other day. In her case this need was Not being filled. So she is not in Balance “yet”. And going through Emotional Trauma doesn’t help it. Later this will change for her. But for all of us that have marriage mates or someone your dating, we need to take time to nurture a good relationship.
If we get to focused on just 4Life and neglect our marriage or the person were dating we are losing Balance.

But if were single and we don’t Need a partner that doesn’t mean we don’t have Emotional Needs. You know you do! Take time to paint.. to Grow a Rose garden. I did when I lived in South Carolina when I owned a 140 year old historic house. I grew over 300 hundred rose bushes around my house! But today I write songs. In fact I just came back from doing a studio session for some new songs I have written. I have written almost 40 songs in two years. I never would have thought at the age of 51 I would reach my dream of song writing. I will have a MP-3 website up soon where you can hear what I am writing.

(2) Intellectual Needs: You heard the saying “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” and its true. The mind is like a muscle. The more you use it the more it grows. I am all ways buying more books than I can possibly read. Why? so I don’t have much time to waste on TV. Even when I fly.. I consider that plane my school of thought (40,000ft in the sky). I rarely watch a movie. I am usually always reading.. always wanting to learn something knew. If we are not growing..than were dying! If we want to get better in MLM, in Marriage, as a Parent.. we have to learn. MLM is a Teaching People Business. The better we get at teaching the stonger our business will grow. People will respect you, and they will listen to you.

(3) Spiritual Needs: This is closely related to the others but different. It is a need to be with God whatever your religious affiliation is. The need to take time to communicate with your Creator. To feed your thoughts on him, and to draw close to him. James 4:8 says “Draw close to God and he Will draw close to you”. Jesus himself was known for hiding himself from people just to have some prayer time and be alone with his God.(Luke 5:16) Whatever your faith is it means you take to read and get Gods thoughts in your mind.. to think as he would want you to think. I tend to hit the floor running each day. But I always try to start it with some time reading the Bible and having time to pray. It doesn’t take a lot of time. Just 30 minutes a day makes a lot of difference in how the day turns out.

(4) Physical Needs: If the body is not healthy how does that effect your mind? your emotions? or your spirituality? Its not good is it? Conversely the opposite is true. If it is healthy than it has a positive impact in all those areas! Have you ever noticed after going for a walk, or a workout at the gym how much more positive you felt? Your mental emotional juices were just flowing! We become more proactive in our mind about challenges we face. In fact some of the songs I have written came to me while I was on a tread mill or in the steam room!

Every morning or when you can, make sure you give your body a 20 minute (more is divine) work out. If that is walking than walk aggressively so you are “breathing”. You need to oxygenate your body. If you have not been good at this thats ok, just get started! Once you get into the habit of exercising you will love it! I have a mountain bike that I ride through these mountains and I love it when I “feel” how my body is enjoying the work out, and how that impacts me mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Master these 4 areas and you are in Total balance! Leave one out and its like going for a walk with one shoe missing. It doesnt take alot of time each day. You can even do it in one hour! Its an Hour of Power!

So if we can Focus on our careers in Network Marketing and at the same time achieve Balance in our lives, we Will achieve Peak Performance reach our Potential! We can Rock.. like Rocky! I hope all of you do! See you at Convention!

Best To All! Jeff Altgilbers

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