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PP.7 – Edification

Hello Everyone,

Its been a busy summer, and I hope you all get time to enjoy your lives with your families. I wanted to highlight this Platinum Principle Edification because without it no success is possible. What is it? from a layman’s terms (mine) it is to Honor.. to hold in Esteem… to Praise something or someone! I learned along time ago people will join Network Marketing for money, but what keeps them is recognition .. or being Edified.

When Alexander The Great conquered the Medes and Persians and went into Babylon in Triumph, one of the first things he did was Demonstrate the Principle of Edification. He went to Cyrus The Great’s tomb and found it in disrepair. He was angry at such disrespect and ordered it to be restored asap! Cyrus was the famous conquer who took Babylon in one night .. invading through the river he dried out that entered the city. Alexander won the Persians respect by Edifying Cyrus!

One company who have been masters of this Platinum Principle is Amway. Some think Amway has the success it has because of its years in business. That helps but the other reason is: Edification! They treat there Leaders like rock stars. Because of that they are respected by many. It sets the pattern for what others should do with their Leaders who are emerging, and ones who have a productive track record.

The big win in this is, it builds Self Esteem. If we create a culture that nurtures and grows leaders feelings and perceptions about themselves it can produce Titans in our business. I remember the story of a violin instructor who taught children how to play. The first thing he would do is have all the parents come to a performance room and get the children one by one to come up on stage with his or her violin and bow before everyone while they all cheered and clapped! The results were he created high performance students!

Edification does the same! Its not false flattery. It is simply finding the best in Leaders and praising them for their strengths. That’s empowers that Leader to believe they Can be Successful despite all the negative programming they got since youth, or personal failures they had in the past.

To many people will come in 4Life beat up and bruised from other opportunities that didn’t work for them for different reasons. We have to get them beyond that. I always say to a new person: “leave your emotional baggage outside .. and come in this with a fresh belief that you will succeed and deserve to succeed”.

So who do we Edify and what should we Edify? Anybody that helps your business grow! Any effort large or small should be praised! If they just recruited their first leader we should praise them and reassure them they are going to the top! If our upline is helping us to build, and working with us, we also should Edify that Leader to all our leaders. Whoever is having an impact on your business, upline or downline you should Edify!

I said Edify not Deify. We want always to view anyone worthy of praise to be a person that can be copied or is an example of what can be done. Sometimes the question comes up: “Who is the greatest networker?” The answer is: no one knows, because what would the criteria be based on? I even ask what is the purpose of the question to accomplish?

The answer in my opinion is this: There is no truthful answer. Why? Because everyone will have a different opinion. Let me ask you? Who is the Greatest Mother in the history of mankind? Some might say: “Mother Mary.. Jesus’s Mother.. or Mother Theresa. Some would say “I had the Greatest Mother!” Who is right?? No one! Who is wrong? No one! Its all a matter of perspective.

When we talk about about “Networking” we mean to Influence. So when you look at the greatest influencers some are Religious leaders like Jesus or Gandhi. But when we add the word Marketers.. or Network Marketing: That is to mean people who get paid for doing this.. make money at this: Some might say Bill Gates impacted more people and created more wealth than many nations GNP!

But when we look into MLM .. all companies will have their hero’s. You can go to the book store and even find Mark Yarnell’s books, and others. But none of this really matters. Because the question beg’s “Will You” be Great in your Support to Your leaders? Because even if there was a greatest networker you Still have to build it.. no one will do it for you.

The important thing in Mastering the Platinum Principle of Edification is this: Be the Greatest Networker that you can to your Team. We cannot demand respect.. we can only earn it. This Truth was made clear by a Great Networker Jesus. In Luke 21:24 it said “there also arose a heated dispute among them (12 disciples) over which one of them was greatest” How did Jesus respond to this? He said in verse 26 “you are not to be that way.. but let him that is greatest among you become as the servant.. (“youngest” in Greek)

He got to the heart of how Edification and Greatestness is achieved in Life around those we impact: It is about serving others.. that’s how we build Great Leaders and Great Organizations! The truth is we can only work directly with a few leaders. Jesus worked with 12. But its what we instill in them that creates the great dynamics of a culture that hundreds of thousands are positively impacted by.

One last point: We should never Edify ourselves .. when we do we just devalued ourselves. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “if you have to tell someone your a lady .. your not.” Always let our track record and Service we give to those around us speak for itself.

Best To All, Jeff Altgilbers

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