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PP.6 – Abundance

Platinum Principle 6 .. Abundance!

PP.6 - ABUNDANCEHello Everyone,
there everyone, a leader recently wrote about what he can do and cannot do when it comes to support.
I am glad he was frank about his position as I will be with mine. I am not critical of it.

I too get emails from leaders and Skype calls that ask what am I going to do for support? Recently the subject of India has come up. I want to say that I will give the same support in India as I have Korea/Japan/Taiwan/Singapore/Malaysia/China/
Philippines/Indonesia and Thailand.

I agree with the leader that there has to be a return for money spent when you travel to another country to support and do training meetings. But I have one policy that I will not break.. that is I will always have Open Meetings! I will not show favoritism for one group over another in my organization. I have also opened my meetings to other lines outside my organization. Why is this? Because in life we operate from one of two Beliefs… Abundance.. or Scarcity.

The person who has the Abundance Philosophy believes there is enough Food, Money, Land, or resources for everyone.. so these people are the ones who are not worried if someone else is doing well.. or even better. These thinkers are liberal.. ready to share. They believe in Jesus words “practice giving and people will give to you”. The qualities that develop from an Abundant thinker are: Love .. Humility.. Compassion.. Charity.. Reason and are Peace Makers.

The person who has the Scarcity Mentality believes there isnt enough Food, Land, and Money and resources. They see life as a small pie and want to make sure they get most of the pieces. The qualities synonymous with this person are: Arrogance .. Hate .. Envy.. Unmerciful.. Greed .. and become people who stir up problems in markets where we are working.

In the end the person who has a Scarcity Mentality loses big! His quality of life is dark.. he has few friends in life, and in MLM where people should attract to us .. people like this repel others and wonder why they cant keep leaders on their team.

It is because of this I dont worry if someone other than myself makes money in India or anywhere in the world! There Is Enough for all of us! But in no way will I support one of my leaders who will make me compromise my Platinum Principle of Abundance.

At times I have had requests from a leader to speak at a closed meeting just for their group. I really prefer they show Abundance and open their meeting. But sometimes they have good reasons for this. But I will make it clear to that leader I Will Not Only travel to that country for them! Like some leaders have said “we cannot tell them what to do with their house”.. but lets also not let them tell us (me) what to do with my Principles of Support! It is there house… but Not their City or their Country! I will never go for one group! I will gladly open my wallet and spend my money on a hotel room and open it for All! This is not just a Principle.. but an intelligent strategy. It costs alot of money to travel.. so I have to make the most of my Time and Resources.

Keep in mind.. like my upline I make a 2%-3% return for Generational payout. Their are also ID/Gold/Platinum Pools that offer great profits in our compensation plan. Thats why we should have an Abundance Attitude. When I speak at meetings in Taiwan their are leader groups who are not in my downline. But they are all people I get paid on, because of our percentage pools.

Sometimes it may be a Rank Goal that we are reaching for. Going up in Rank can greatly increase our income. Still keep in mind the principle of compound interest. Your other legs can grow and give you a high return. Its a matter of managing your strategy. If you are pushing for 3rd leg to go Gold. Put 60% of your time in that leg.. and give 30% to your other legs.. and 10% for other needs.

Hermineo and Juan and Dave Daughtrey and Myself havent any need for many employee’s. Thats why we all got in MLM.. we wanted to duplicate ourselves and our stratgies work well. In the foreign markets we work we have trained our leaders well in product and building strategies. Dave Daughtrey who is also a Platinum focuses on Spanish countries. I focus mostly on Asia. Since all countries have their own languages we develop tools specific for each country. I also have a leaders in each country that can translate my words accurately.
So most of all my leaders have done very well working with with us in designing specific support for their needs.

Regarding India: I want to say I welcome all leaders to my meetings. That includes different groups in my organization and any group outside my organization where I will do meetings. We are doing very well in India. Just last night Dave Daughtrey (Platinum) and Calvin Jolly(4Life Corp) and Teri Shuler and Myself had a conference call with several Indian Leaders. Our leaders are doing training meetings in over 10 major Indian cities. I have every intention of having a share of putting offices in all those cities like I did throughout Asia in the last 4 years. I have spent over One Million Dollars in the last 4 years supporting leaders in Asia. That support went toward air fares.. hotel room.. train/bus expenses.. offices where 4Life had none. Teri Shuler has also used over $200,000 dollars in International Support. This has never been used for Rank advancement! Only to support our Asian Pioneering Expansion.

I had no doubt the return would come just like it does in the stock market. I like other leaders also give to charities. But I dont like to blow my horn about it, as some do. Jesus said when we give: “dont let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”. So giving is rewarded best when few know about it. But since the subject of support comes up alot.. I want all to know you Will Be Supported with my Time and with Open Meetings. All of you are welcome in India as well as all of Asia at my meetings.

In life we can either open our hands, or close them and try to keep everything in them. Life can never fill two hands that are closed. If you really want wealth as MLM has given me, you Must have the Platinum Principle of Abundance working in your life!

Abundance To You, Jeff Altgilbers

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