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PP.5 – Integrity

Integrity.. Why Needed In MLM?

Hello Everyone,

PP.5 - INTEGRITYAll the Platinums are back home from this visit of Europe and it’s history. But there are other Platinum Principles I want to speak about that I think will help you and all of us achieve Greatness in our lives and in 4Life. Why does it matter? it matters because to achieve Legacy or something that will out live us will be impossible if we don’t take the High Road. It was said once: “all roads lead to Rome”. It was because people wanted to see this Great Wonder that was so different than the rest of the barbaric world. It was the Example of a life that people all want.

What about me and you? Can we take short cuts and live contrary to Platinum Principles and still succeed? Yes you can! But it is short lived! That is you can still make big money. I have seen good leaders sell themselves out for short term success joining money games. They make a lot of money in a short time, what might take them much longer in legitimate Network Marketing Company that is value and product based. But look at the consequences! Many people lose the money they put in for joining.. and the respect of those people who also lost money. People were hurt.. and would those people ever follow that leader again? Most will not!

That’s why I spoke of Perseverance as one of the Platinum Principles. Rome wasn’t built in a day.. if it was it wouldn’t be remembered and there would be no evidence of it having been here. But what has Integrity got to do with MLM? A lot!

Integrity is that quality of staying and sticking with what we know is true and right and we cannot betray. Once it is a part of our character when we are tested it keeps is in check and on coarse. It doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes or we are perfect. But when mistakes are made, the remorse of it makes our Integrity stronger and more resolute!

Platinum Principle #5 Integrity: To be successful in 4Life there are areas that are a Must for Integrity, they are but are not limited to:

(A) Our Word: One common mistake by many leaders in MLM is to “over promise and under deliver”. When we prospect a leader to join us in 4Life, never promise what you cannot deliver. Its better to “Under Promise and Over Deliver” why? because they will love you! But when you Over promise and Under deliver.. they will hate you! As Jesus once said “let your Yes mean Yes.. your No, mean No..what in excess of these is from the wicked one” (Matthew 5:37)

If we promise we will be Available to help them do presentations.. we should do it. That leader should have our cell phone number.. they should know how to reach us. If we promised to train them and make sure they understand the product and compensation plan we should do that as well.

In the past I “Over delivered” in that after I saw a leader was loyal and working hard I would sponsor leaders under him to reward his or her performance.. but never would I do that until I saw he or she performed. Our Compensation Plan encourages Team Building. To go to the Top you need 3 Teams.. that’s it! But you have to Know who you Performers Are by what they DO. When you do.. and you have Kept Your Word.. you can Over Deliver.. and it creates the Team Loyalty that few organizations have.

(B) Cross Sponsoring: This has been happening in MLM since there has been MLM. It is Stealing someone who made a Commitment by Word and Contract (application) to Another Person. It is a binding agreement between two parties to work together.

To have Integrity means we will Never steal or take another person from another in 4Life. No matter what the reasons are. We have a Policy in our P&P that says if a person wants to terminate from his sponsor he can do it and sign up under another under 2 Conditions: (1) He can choose another sponsor within the first 10 days the application or his name was entered in 4Lifes data base. Or (2) If it is beyond the 10 allotted days, he or she can terminate and wait six months to choose another sponsor. Anything other than that is Cross Sponsoring.. or Stealing!

I personally have Never found by breaking Integrity or Principles such as this has Ever been Successful! People that do this Always lose! Its Karma.. “what’s comes around goes around” or “what a man is sowing..this he will reap” (Galatians 6:7) But I have seen some of the brightest leaders fall to this. They get an email from someone who is Already in 4Life. This person explains why their sponsor is so bad.. and they have no one to help them. They will say they are strong.. they can create a lot of business for this leader if they sponsor them. They will use another relatives name for this new position until the 6 months has expired. Then they will buy the relatives position from them.. and its an air tight plan.. right? Wrong!

The leader might be tempted because he or she needs to get to Gold or .. Platinum! They feel the pressure because they worry their leaders might wonder why they haven’t made it to the next level! Maybe they have been working so hard for so long and they haven’t found the right person.. But now They have! Or they Think they have!

This scenario happens a lot Especially in countries where there are a lot of desperate people who are looking for a fast dollar. Lets look at some reality facts why this Never Works:

(A) If they will do this to their sponsor they Will do it later to You!: You haven’t heard the other side of the story from the sponsor. He or she may have done a lot for this person. But this person wanted someone to Build it for them!

(B) Money: Many times in Asia I have seen when 4Life enters a new market or country Imitation Leaders who are Already signed up will Want Money. They want to be paid to go to work. They don’t understand 4Life is the one that will pay them IF they Perform. They will make Big Promises to you if you cross sponsor them under a new ID#. You need to understand that IF you do this you Can be Terminated and lose your 4Life income!

My question to anyone is this: Is it worth throwing your income away for a person that in most Every Case Will Not earn you any money at all?? If this person is that strong.. and knows that many potential leaders.. why don’t they just go to work, and quickly establish an income with 4Life? If this person will betray there sponsor why will they not betray you? and cannot this person later use this as blackmail to you if this new venture between you two fails? You really put yourself at there mercy.

Cross Sponsoring destroys not just the person who does it. But it ruins a company who doesn’t enforce it! 4Life has to protect My Business and Yours! Or it will be chao’s! Granted.. there are a lot of worthless sponsors out there! That is why we have the 10 Day/ 6 Month Clause in our P&P. Once we know someone is already lawfully sponsored we Should Not email them. or call them with the intent of persuading them to join our Team under a different ID#.

How far could that person go anyway? Lets say they get to Presidential Diamond. Once the former sponsor knows this.. and sees them at a 4Life Event it will become known. There new position will have a entry date.. even if it is was another relative. If it is discovered that it was entered “Before” the six months expired than ALL those people in that line Will be moved back to the Original Sponsor.. and the leader and the new sponsor will be terminated. Why because they violated the P&P on Cross Sponsoring!

Does that mean a relative cannot join under another leader? No.. they can. My son Micah has the right to join Bonnie Taylor if he wants too.But it begs the question Why Would He? Why Would my son do that? But here is what any company with Integrity will look at: (a) Does this relative live in the same house and address? Is the relative involved in sponsoring? or is it this leader who is doing All the Presenting.. All of the paper work? All of the Communication? Who really is doing the work? When it is clear that it isn’t the relative.. then it is clear that this is the leader who is under another.. and both the New Sponsor and this leader have violated the P&P, and the Principle of Integrity.

I personally have had leaders in Taiwan come out to me and ask me to sponsor them. One ID and One PD answered a magazine AD and called me to meet for dinner. They didn’t tell me they were already in 4Life. When I found out I told them they had Two choices: (1) Resign and stay out 6 months.. or (2) Forget your sponsor and Go to Work. On another occasion my wife and I had a ID come to our dinner table. She was like the other leaders and wanted to change sponsors and go under me. I reminded her of the 6 month policy. She said “I can get around that”. Well… I explained the reasons above why she cannot. But I gave her the same two choices. These leaders all had terrible sponsors. But… many top leaders in MLM do too! It all comes back to “If it is to be .. its up to Me!”. The other choice is to call upline.. and find someone who can help you! and there is Always someone there!

What we want to never do is encourage leaders to be unhappy about where they are. It never bothers me that leaders from other lines come to My Meetings.. or even My Trainings. I find people have Two Attitudes in Life.. Scarcity or Abundance. People with the Scarcity Attitude think there is just a small pie of opportunity.. so every bite matters. People with the Abundance Attitude think there is So Much for Everyone! People that Cross Sponsor have the Scarcity Attitude. They will never have an abundance.. they will lose.

I have seen leaders throw away secure residual income in MLM because they got Greedy and they broke Integrity by stealing imitation leaders who they thought would get them to the next level! They threw there future away because of Greed.. not Need! I hope all of you will keep these thoughts in mind as we continue to take TF around the world!

Integrity To You, Jeff Altgilber

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