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PP.4 – The Power Of Purpose!

Hello Everyone,

PP.4 - POWER OF PURPOSEGreece was the country I looked forward to seeing the most, because it forever changed all cultures and all nations, and still impacts us today. You have heard of that expression when we don’t understand something “its Greek to me”. But the fact is over 500 words we use commonly are from Greek origin. Even our architecture that we used in the early 1800’s was borrowed from the Greek’s. Remember “Greek Revival”? It was a common design in the 1800’s for an affluent society in America’s Golden years. In fact I bought an old Greek Revival house (circa: 1860) in South Carolina and spent 8 years restoring it, and developed gardens around it. Two years ago a book was written on old historic houses in South Carolina. I was back there on a vacation to that old town and went into a book store and picked up that book and was so surprised to see that house and two pages about my restoring that house was in that book!

Back to Greece: They also influenced literature. Poetry especially. Cupid’s arrow remember? every Valentine’s day we are remembered of its symbolism. Greek Mythology heavily impacted the world since the rise of Rome. As a youth I studied it with great fascination. And though I have not read it in decades, I could remember it as I passed through the ruins and remains of ancient Athens. They deified anything they wanted or believed in. This included great Hero’s like Hercules and Alexander The Great and many more. Even Lord Byron’s poetry was heavily laced with Greek influence. He even carved his name on a pillar at Posiden’s Temple in Greece. Its also the home today for great musicians like Yani.. and Vangelis who wrote “Chariot’s of Fire” that was also a theme for the Olympic’s. Greece began the Modern day Olympic’s in 1896 but originally started 330 BC at the Panathenaic Stadium.

We finished our Mediterranean Cruise here. David Lisonbee hired a tour guide to take us around ancient Athens. The one place I wanted to see the most was where the Apostle Paul gave that famous speech in Acts 17:15-34. It was at Mars Hill, at the foot of the larger hill where the Parthenon stood. It was as awe inspiring as it was in Ephesus where he lived once. This was the city where some of the greatest thinkers had lived or taught and still impacts us today. Aristotle who taught Alexander The Great.. Plato and Socrates.. they have all effected what many religions and human philosophies teach. The Apostle Paul also had a great impact on the world. All that remains today is the architecture, the poetry, the mythology the greek language, and their mighty warriors like Alexander. It is no wonder why Rome loved Greece so much. When Rome conquered Greece it absorbed and magnified it throughout the Roman empire.

But what does this mean for us today? The Greeks had a strong will to know “why”? What is worthy in life to live for? to die for? They Had the Power of Purpose driving Everything they did! They wanted and needed Mentors. Alexander’s mentors were Aristotle and Achilles who Homer wrote of. They loved the art of learning, and they perfected it in all fields.

Platinum Principle #4 The Power of Purpose: We like the Greeks must have a strong driving Power of Purpose if we are going to achieve success. What is that Success? It is not defined by money alone. Money is a measure of business activity but the Greeks wanted Legacy! They wanted something more than just material achievement! And they Succeeded! We are still studying them in wonder today.

What is your driving force or Purpose for living? What are you willing to live for?.. or die for? What are you willing to dedicate the rest of your life to, if you had the Power to do so? Most people get so busy in life they forget to “live it”. Or they spend most of there years working and building others dreams like some of the slaves that built great wonders of the world. But if you could Control your life.. and live it for something other than money what would it be? That is the Power of Purpose! Find that, and you can have the things that will far out live you when you are gone.

When I joined 4Life in January 1998 my reasons or Purpose was simple. I wanted to be Free. I wanted to make sure the next Network Marketing company would be my last. I did a lot of homework and research on 4Life to be sure it was worth putting years of my life into. I can say after 8.5 years it was the right choice! Was 4Life my Power of Purpose? No! 4Life was the means to sustain me as I worked on my reason for living. It allowed me more time freedom to do other achievements unrelated to MLM.

But lets look at how a Greek Hero could help us to be great at 4Life: Alexander The Great. He had the Power of Purpose in everything he did. For example:

wGreece2#1 He Valued People: it is said Alexander knew thousands of names. When he was at war (most of the time) he would often spend his nights wandering the camps and calling simple soldiers by there names. He would also remember Any courageous act they did in other battles. He Always motivated his men, reminding them of their importance.

We can imitate that with our leaders as well. Let them know how appreciated they are. When they do something positive.. such as recruiting there first member to 4Life we should celebrate it with them. When they make Diamond we should Celebrate it! The same would be on all rank positions!

People will join 4Life.. but to keep them.. they must Join You! How you treat them will determine that!

Another way he showed he valued people was after the battle. Alexander always led his troops Visibly in front of the battle, never behind his troops. For this reason they respect him deeply. They followed him over 10,000 miles! All the way to India! That’s Dedication! Alexander was diversified in his education. He also had knowledge as a physician. So after a battle was over he would refuse medical treatment Until his soldiers were treated.. and he would personally take care of there wounds! After that he would be treated!

What about our Team. Do we make ourselves the center focus? or our Team Leaders? Do we selflessly try to help them with there challenges or problems? Who do we talk about the most? our self… or our Leaders?

#2 Racial Acceptance: Another thing that Alexander was famous for was racial and cultural edifying. As he conquered Nations, instead of burning there cities and tearing down there temples and statues to their leaders he honored there Gods and there Cultures. For example when he conquered Persia, he didn’t mistreat King Xerxes family. When he entered Babylon the family was afraid they would be put to death.. but to the contrary Alexander honored them. Instead of creating enemies of those conquered he won there loyalty and respect. He asked the King of India when he was conquered “how should I treat you?” the King of India answered “Like a King”. And that is what Alexander did.. he treated him like a King, and restored many conquered Kings to power.

Bringing it home: When we have Leaders join us.. lets not assume we know more than they do.. or that were wiser. Assume you are not. Listen and Learn. It says in James 1:19 “Every man should be swift about hearing.. slow about speaking” Lets not try to change our Leaders to our style of doing business. I have learned since being in Asia all countries have a different style or how to do this business. Japan is more Product driven.. Korea is more Money driven. There are also religious principles that we should respect at peoples homes.. and where we do Events. The advice of James is true: we need to listen and learn before we speak. Our Leaders can teach us a lot Alexander conquered many Kings.. but he made them into trusted allie’s. How many Kings can you have if you Master the Platinum Principles?

#3 Support: After years of battle and proving themselves Alexander gave them a permanent retirement income. He valued there years of dedication and service. Like Alexander we need to support those leaders working hard in our Team. We need to appreciate that without them the war for Financial
Independence will not be won. We win together.. but never on our own. To do that it means we have to help them achieve what they want.. then we can
have anything.

This trip was a reaffirmation to a lot of principles I hold on to deeply. It was also good to spend some time with my sponsor and his wife Dave & Gabby Daughtrey. And it was refreshing to be with two other Platinums in my downline Hermineo and Juan. They are all Passionate Purpose Driven Leaders who practice Platinum Principles in there Homes, and with their Leaders.

I hope many of you will reach your goals, and find your Power of Purpose,

Success To All, Jeff Altgilbers

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