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PP.3 – Know Your Potential


There was a place in time that was called Asia Minor..that is now called Turkey. It is in history where the Apostle Paul had 3 Missionary tours, and was famous in the last book of the Bible (Revelation) when Jesus had special messages for 7 Congregations that are in Turkey (Rev 2-3) One of those was Ephesus. If I had to choose which of the seven.. it would be here. The Apostle Paul lived here for over 2.5 years. Timothy and Apollo’s also taught here. One book in the Bible was written for them when Paul spent 2 years in Rome in confinement. That book was called “Ephesians”.

I spent 12 hours wandering through the ruins of this ancient Roman city. They were very intelligent. It was originally built by the Greeks and later the Romans built temples to their emperor’s and God’s. They had well planed sewage systems, and water that flowed freely from the mountains.. public bathrooms.. a vast library built of marble named after Emperor Hardrian.

The roads were solid rock roads. Pillars lined the roads as you would feel this special place. They also had an outdoor half circle amphitheater that held 25,000 people, and where Paul spoke to people when he first came. It still was awe inspiring for me to stand in the same place and imagine this almost 2500 years ago. At night the Platinum’s and David Lisonbee, Steve Tew, and Bruce Redd and there wives attended a concert under the moon and stars that took place in front of Hadrian’s famous library in the heart of Ephesus. We will never forget it!

So what has this to do with knowing your potential? a lot! There is a saying “don’t let the statue be buried in the rock”. That has tremendous meaning when you look at Ephesus. Because this cities magnificence was carved out of marble. The temples to Aphrodite, to Apollo.. the library.. the statues.. Christian History.. everywhere you turn there was detail in stone. But…. there was a time it Was Just Stone!

What turned this stone that wasn’t so pretty into something that people admire so much 2500 years later? The Vision Of Potential! Someone saw something more than just stone. They saw what that stone could be! The Vision of creating a city that man would study for generations of time. It took effort to carve it and to shape it…and now historians write about it.. and people travel from all parts of the world just to see it!

People were shaped too! That’s why Paul was there. He spent over 2.5 years teaching people what he believed would help there lives. 60 years later Jesus in the Revelation 2:1 said about them “I know your deeds” and other special words for them.

For you my friend it means this: someone is going to shape you? If you don’t do it ,someone will! But what will you be? who will you be? what will be said of you when you are gone? and will you leave anything behind that will live after you and influence people toward something worthy? We are different then the stone. The stone had no choice or say about what it would become. But we do! Everyday when we wake up our shaping begins. We have to decide what will influence us.. who will mentor us. What are the books that you are reading? Leaders are Readers! You would pity a person who had no education and could not read, But if you do not read, you are no different than someone who “cannot read”! If you are not filling your mind with empowering ideals, you will be weak in Leadership. In Network Marketing the Greatest Leaders learn by reading and modeling how to Master Leadership!

WEphesus2If you do not not have a library please begin one. I have one in my home that has over 1000 books that cover religion, history, art, business, leadership, biographies, science.. etc. Take time each day to invest in your mind, and in your children’s education.

I have realized in 51 years of living that we have to find what we excel at.. not what we are weak at.. if we want to reach our potential. I am not speaking of character. I am speaking of our gifts. For example: if you could not sing well.. but you could play guitar well, where should you focus your time and efforts? On Guitar! Because singing is Not your Potential. You can take voice lessons.. but it will do little for you since your potential lies in another direction.

In 4Life its even better. We don’t have to be all things to all people. We can be what Charles Swabb was famous for in “surrounding ourselves with people who excel at something we Don’t excel in”.

Maybe you are not good at motivational speaking, but you have leaders in your group who are. Let them do the motivation at your meetings! Maybe your good at presenting the Plan, or in Presenting. Do what you are good at, and Team up with your leaders or cross line leaders to be a symphony rather than everyone trying to play the trumpet.

So find what you are good at.. and be at it. Don’t let “the statue be buried in the stone” don’t lose your potential by focusing on what is not you!

See you in Athens, Greece, Jeff Altgilbers

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