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PP.2 – Perseverance

Hello Everyone,

PP.2 - PRESERVERANCEI am writing this after we visited Rome.. it seems everyday we have much to do. We just had our Platinum meeting with David & Bianca, Steve and Bruce.. much was talked about how we can make a Greater 4Life. We gave a lot of advice of what can help us grow better.. and it was very productive!

We all had a revelation visiting Rome. You have heard the saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and when you come to Rome you can see why. Because it took centuries of Time to build it. It was built by Good and Bad Emperor’s.

Obviously Marcus Aurelius was a good one having written a book on Virtue’s. He grew Rome greater than any Emperor before and after him, having 25% of the worlds population under Roman rule in his life. However Nero who beheaded the Apostle Paul, was unlike Marcus. Rome experienced setbacks by a fire that burned a lot of the city. He eventually killed himself when he knew Rome was seeking another leader who could be as virtuous as Marcus.

wRome2I am not wanting to give a history lesson. That would take a school year to discuss the history of Rome. but there are lessons to be learned here that I want to share. The Platinum Principle to be found here is the Quality of Perseverance. Rome had to endure bad times. They had to endure bad leaders. They had to endure war. Food shortages. Earthquakes. Or the loss of great Roman cities as Pompeii that was destroyed in an instant by a volcanic eruption. We walked through that city the other day in amazement at how a great city was lost in minutes of time.

Bringing It Home: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is a Successful business in Network Marketing that pays you for decades of time. I can remember times my career in 4Life was challenged by disappointments. Such as losing leaders to money games. They didn’t have the Virtues like Marcus. They didn’t share the vision of bringing Value to peoples lives. I had other disappointments. such as when I wanted to achieve a new level, or Pin level in 4Life but it didn’t happen. Like Rome we are building one day at a time. I also remember losing a greater leader when he was driving to a city to present 4Life to a group of people and was killed in a car crash.

So to be Great.. is to understand that greatness of success doesn’t come without a price. How many of us suffered disappointment when someone we hoped would join us, joined with someone else? or decided not to join at all?

If we Persevere.. and Endure hardships it makes us better leaders. That also makes our Team greater because they watch what we do.

Always remember that quitters are never remembered. They never win. When I look at the most successful people in the history of MLM. They were not the brightest.. most intelligent.. or the best speakers.. they simply would not quit! They always Persevered! If you do not quit.. but learn and grow through your hardships.. you will succeed! Adversity will make you Great!

This has been a work trip for us. Though we go to exciting places of history, we are all talking about how to make a Greater 4Life.. like they did make a great Rome. They said that “all roads lead to Rome” I told David Lisonbee “I want all MLM roads to lead to 4Life”. We believe in what we have.. we know we are the best choice out there.. and with our global opportunity we will have millions of people from all nations following their roads to where they will lead.. to 4Life!

Greatness To All, Jeff Altgilbers

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