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PP.1 – Be Commited

Hello Everyone,

PP.1 - BE COMMITEDI have been in Nice, France for 2 days now. There is lots of amazing ancient Greek history here. Nice is on the French Riverea. The beautiful blue water adds to the romantic feel you get walking the streets. I thought much about what to talk about this morning. I spoke for hours with a travel guide I hired to take me to different places of historic note. We went by a monument dedicated to the American/British soldiers that helped liberate Nice in WW2. We all know the story of the invasion of Normany and France. But it begs the question why? What did those Americans have to gain by dying for a country that wasnt theirs? They were obviously committed to a worthy purpose.

It must be the same when you think about your goals and dreams or you will fail, or achieve something that you alone will pat yourself on the back for. We have to find something greater than ourselves that will outlive us when we die. Those men that gave their lives for something they would not benefit from. What can we give or do that will help change the lives of others like those soldiers did? When we discover that, we find our purpose for living.

When we think about commitment in this sense it becomes very spiritual. Those Americans/British soldiers were totally committed to there purpose of defeating Tyranny, and helping people that couldnt help themselves.

But what is commitment? Some think it is emotional. For example when people get married they make a commitment. The emotion is high in the beginning. But later when challenges come, many divorce. But some do not. Why? Because they understood that commitment is not just emotional. Their commitment had something besides emotion in it.

Commitment is really based on values. When we commit it is for reasons other than emotion. We value ideals and principles that are eternal or infinite. These men went down in history as men who were comitted to something worthy. Would we do this if we were tested?

I also think of Napoleon Bonaparte. He is another example of greatness in history. He overcame great obstacles in his life and became what Alexander the Great was revered for. Napoleon took Nice back from Italy. He was born on an island not far from here. He was very committed to something greater than himself. He wanted to see a France that the world would aspire to be. Today you can see this in their art, architecture, and poetry.

One of my favorite quotes from Napoleon is “success is not final.” He understood that the success we celebrate today, can quickly be lost tomorrow. He personally experienced that at the Battle of Waterloo. What does that mean for us today in 4Life?

wfranceOnce we lose sight of why or what we were committed too, we can lose the success we achieved. What we did in the past isn’t as important as what we are doing now and what we will do in the future. There is a saying “Yesterdays Hero’s are Today Zero’s.” What success we have had in the past will not help us today if we lose sight of the reasons and values of our commitment.

Sometimes people are lucky in network marketing. Some are just people who got positioned in a company at the right time. But that success will be short lived if they don’t apply themselves. Napoleon did something that I think we can all learn from if we’re committed.

#1 He Bonded to his soldiers. He knew many by their names. He did not eat in his private quarters when he was at war or in battle. He always shared meals with his Generals. It’s important that we do the same with our leaders. Do we treat them like they’re special or do we only talk about how great we are? Who is the focus of conversation when we get together? It should be our leaders. Napoleon understood this! I will have to say I have had meals with my leaders and their families in many places in Asia. I did this in there homes. I even slept on wooden floors in Thailand just to get close to their family and bond with them. Even Sheri Din’s mother had me stay in her home with Sheri and her family. We ate food served on banana leaves… food different from my culture… and they respected the fact that I tried.

#2 Recognition is another. Napoleon always praised his generals and soldiers. Because of this they would do anything for him because of this. It’s true that when people join 4Life they do so because they want to make money. That will only last for a short time. What will keep them is recognition. Your leaders want to be appreciated for who they are, and what they have done. The money alone won’t keep them. Napoleon understood this. So it is no wonder why he had such a huge army of followers… So again, we need to focus not on ourselves. Put the light of praise on our generals.. the men and women who are building our 4Life army around the world!

David Lisonbee, Steve Tew, Bruce Redd and their lovely wives are here now, along with all the other 5 platinums. We are leaving now to board the ship and sail to Monaco today. It is a short distance. I look forward to any of you who can join us next year on this cruise. I will share with you any of conversations we have had that can help you have a clearer vision of 4Life’s future commitments.

Committed! Jeff Altgilbers


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