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Platinum Principles


Platinum Principles

When you commit yourself to going after your dream and living the life that you always envisioned, it is a truly exciting journey; a course set completely by you and the actions that you take. The power of achievement is in your hands. With a solid company like 4Lifebehind us and a commitment to ongoing, unwavering support of their leaders, we have all the tools for success available to us; but what really allows us to move forward and firmly grasp that success in our hands? For me, it comes down to the Platinum Principles – those factors that, throughout the course of the day or the moments in which we interact with other leaders and with those to whom we are introducing our product, define us and take our efforts to the next level; a level in which we can achieve new heights of success. While money is great and certainly a great reward for what we do – as many of us have achieved financial independence through our efforts – it does not truly define success for me. Instead, I define success by the way that I am able to live my life; the freedom and time that I have to spend with my family and to help those who are in need. The money has certainly given me great ability to do both of those things and for that I am truly grateful.

I tell those leaders with whom I work that the Platinum Principles give me something to refer to – a map of sorts that always provides direction. What are the Platinum Principles?

Commitment – When you join 4Life you do so in order to achieve what you want out of your life but you have chosen this company and this product for a reason and you have a passion for what you represent. You make a commitment to share this passion with those you meet and it becomes contagious. Success is a domino effect. Commit yourself to the process; put your goal in front of you and never take your eyes off it.

Perseverance – Not every day is a great day. We all encounter obstacles along the way no matter what it is that we do in life. Those who succeed learn to weather the storms when they come and persevere – until the waters are once again calm.

Knowing Your Potential – When you choose to count on yourself to reach your full potential you make a declaration of sorts to stop allowing others to define you and determine your worth. It’s up to you to define your limits – and you alone; and in doing so, you can realize the potential you were always meant to achieve.

Power of Purpose – What are you working for? What is important to you? What defines success for you? Is it money? Freedom? Time? You must fully recognize and define your purpose to be able to effectively achieve your goals.

Integrity – No success is true success without integrity. You can’t sell something with integrity unless you believe in it – unless you are passionate about it. Only when you are true to yourself and honest with others will true success find its way to you.

Abundance – When you believe there are enough resources for everyone – enough to go around – you can rightfully and fully grasp what you want and what you accept to be your own.

Edification – We find success through the success of individual effort and the team as a whole. Our foundation is the unit that we build and nurture. Finding good in our leaders and praising their skills and success helps to foster a strong, healthy foundation.

Performance – Always performing at our best – giving all that we have to what we do on a daily basis, putting it all out the table, means that we have laid the groundwork for success now and well into the future.

Legacy – What do you want to be your legacy for all your hard work? What do you want to leave behind and how do you want people to speak of you? Live those principles and you always live with integrity.

These eight principles can guide you through the journey towards personal achievement; your own personal roadmap to success in network marketing!

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