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Mission Statement

Today, a 21st Century professional network marketer understands what it takes to be successful! He or she knows that having a great product is Not Enough to create long lasting residual income. Neither is a lucrative compensation plan going to guarantee long term financial success! Why? Because without a System people will leave you and find someone who has one! People want clarity; they want a blueprint (like franchising) on how to do the business.

Most important the System must be in sink with the life style of modern society. It cannot be the old traditional way’s that we did MLM or Network Marketing 10-20 years ago! As technology changes society that impacts and changes how we do Network Marketing Today! So the question any serious professional networker would ask Today is: “how do you do Network Marketing Today?” because it is always evolving as society is always evolving.

The good news is when it does evolve, it always makes the way we do Network Marketing Today easier!

I started in the 70’s when it was pre-Internet; pre-cell phone; pre-Everything! Today it’s unbelievable how easy it is to build a global network that for me orders over 18 Million dollars a month from 56 countries!

Does that mean you will do it? Possibly, you can! You could even surpass my success or not have that much success at all. Why? Because even with the greatest mentor and system You have to do it! You have to Want a better future, no one can Want it for you. So passion+a Mentor+a System gives you wind underneath your wings to lift you and guide your success!

Our goal has always been to help leaders and future leaders realize their potential; to be a partner with them in their pursuit of their dreams. To me, success does not come from individual effort alone; rather it’s a team effort. Yet, in order to be successful as a team, we must share a common goal and common values. When we are aligned in our goals, we can collectively achieve all that we dream possible.
Millions of people before you have made the decision to enter into MLM or network marketing but not everyone succeeds. Why? It is my belief that the reason that some people are not successful in network marketing is because they were not properly mentored. Without that important support they fell short in their goals and, frustrated and unsure of themselves, they simply gave up. While it is enormously important to be able to represent a high quality products with a strong management team and effective and motivational pay plan, it is also important that there is a team environment in which each team member is supported and nurtured.

My purpose is to give those interested in network marketing and 4Life in particular a resource to which they can turn; and a mentor that will guide and support them along their journey towards personal success.

I strongly believe that getting to the top is a team effort; something that we must do together in order to do it successfully. Fortunately, there is plenty room for all of us at the top. I, myself, have been honored enough to work with amazing leaders around the world, helping them on this journey to reach their dreams. It has been my experience that the more I give to people – the more I help – the more I receive in return. I am honored enough to have received more than I could ever have imagined possible!

We are a culture of personal growth and wealth and we are looking for leaders to join us; those who want a better life and want to begin the journey to their new life through hard work and dedication. If you join us, you join a team of people who are just as invested in your success as you are; and are ready to help you build your legacy of wealth starting today!

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